Hi, I'm Charity Young.
Registered Nurse.

Charity Young, RN, Assisted Living Advisor

About Charity Young, RN, BSN

Education & work experience

Let me tell you about who I am.


I am Charity Young a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing from Boise State University. I was born and raised in Boise and enjoy raising my own family in Boise. My first job in healthcare was as a caregiver on an evening shift at an assisted living facility in the valley. I assisted residents at dinner time and then helped them to bed for the night.  At the time, I was in nursing school but had no idea which direction within nursing I wanted to go. I had no idea that tucking elderly people in bed at night would lead me to my passion and calling--SENIOR CARE!


While pursuing my degree in nursing, I worked at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center as a nurse apprentice and then as a Registered Nurse post-graduation. I then moved over to the Subacute/Rehabilitation Unit at Life Care of Treasure Valley. But I have dedicated the majority of my fourteen years as a nurse in Home Health Care, including caring for residents in their homes and assisted living facilities as a personal care service nurse, assisted living nurse, and Home Health Nurse.


So what does this all mean for Boise Care Connections? It means that I have been in and out of assisted living facilities all over the valley for the last fourteen years as a nurse--working with residents, working with their families, the administrators, the caregiver staff, the nursing staff, hearing from residents about what they love or don’t love about where they live, and observing first-hand the kind of care that is given day to day. I have a passion for seniors being informed, maintaining their independence, and getting the best care. Most seniors have led lives full of courage, faith, family, and rich life experiences who deserve respect and dignity in the care they receive at this time of their lives.


Over the past fourteen years, do you know what my favorite memories are from my career? It goes back to that very first job of tucking seniors into bed at night. I fell in love with their wrinkled hands from years of hard work, caring for babies and spouses, tired from baking and cooking and cleaning and hands that have given so much to others. Tucking them in their warm bed, safe and secure with someone there if they need it in the middle of the night in case they are scared, have a fall, or can’t sleep. Tucking them in knowing someone will be there in the morning to make sure they get dressed in clean clothes, eat a healthy breakfast and take their medication so they can enjoy their day.


By developing Boise Care Connections, I want to help seniors and their families be able to sleep at night knowing they have chosen the right place to be tucked in at night.

About me

  • Registered Nurse

    I have experience as an assisted living nurse, a caregiver in assisted living, and as a Personal Care Service nurse.

  • 14 Years of Experience

    Most of my 14 years of experience have been spent in Home Health nursing, which includes residents of assisted living facilities.

  • I Know Treasure Valley

    I was born and raised in Boise, and graduated from Boise State with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.