Frequently Asked Questions

In the treasure valley the average assisted living community starts at around $2,000 per month. Keep in mind this includes the following- 3 meals a day and snacks, housekeeping, activities, medication management, assist with cares such as dressing, bathing, in/out of bed and many times a community van that transports to appointments on certain days.MEDICARE does not pay for assisted living costs. If you have a supplemental plan or long term care plan, it may cover some of the cost. Check with your insurance provider for specifics.

No. All services are free of charge to all Seniors, their families or health care workers that contact Boise Care Connections on their behalf.

Absolutely! Boise Care Connections will come pick up your loved one and assist them into the van and community for a tour. The senior must be able to transfer in and out of the van. Not modified at this time with a wheelchair lift

Many times, seniors confuse “nursing homes” that their parents or relatives went to with the modern concept of assisted living facilities. Presently, nursing homes are facilities for seniors and others who have a very high level of care. For example, they have complex health conditions or treatments that require skilled care to properly care for them-- meaning nurses and certified nursing assistants. Assisted living facilities are for seniors who need low to moderate amount of care to maintain their health. Assisted living facilities employ nursing assistants that only have training by the facility and are not necessarily “certified nursing assistants” or CNA’s. Assisted living communities are often very bright, cheerful, happy, nice places to live where the other people living there are pleasant and mostly functional. A nursing home often feels more like a “facility” and looks more medical than assisted living. The schedule is much more structured in these facilities as well.

Call Boise Care Connections and if your Mom is open to it, I can make a visit and discuss some of her concerns and tell her about the benefits of living in an assisted living community.

Yes. Bed/room availability includes memory care units

Sure! An assisted living can be a big step and sometimes it’s not time or will not ever happen. Boise Care Connections can give you information, recommendations and expectations on hiring Personal Care Service agency to provide care in her home. Rates for this kind of care cost about 18-25$ per hour.

Medicaid is medical insurance provided through the state of Idaho. It is different than MEDICARE which is the federal health insurance program. To qualify for medicaid one must apply and have very little money or assets. They will require the senior “spend down” these resources in paying for assisted living and then when that is gone, medicaid will take care of the assisted living cost. Please note MEDICARE does not pay for assisted living costs.